Honored to work for, with and-or promote for: 

Days of the Dead

Days of the Dead is a by the fans, for the fans, convention which had its inaugural show July 1st - 3rd, 2011, at the Wyndham Indianapolis West, located in Indianapolis, IN. The brainchild of Adolfo "Mr. Chainsaw: Dorta (From Dusk till Con), Ricardo "Del Muerto" Lara (From Dusk Till Con, 8 Bit Monsters), and Bill Philputt (Re-Evolution Management).

Days of the Dead's primary goal is to bring back the concept of the genre convention being a welcoming communal gathering of like minded friends and fans and not just another "pay-and-go" autograph show that has become an all too common (and impersonal) experience in the convention scene.

Chock full of special events tailored just for the fans, an active after hours scene of horror themed parties, and a massive guest list of the hottest celebrity guests, artists, and up and coming independent film makers, Days of the Dead has already began rewriting the script and setting the bar for what a true horror convention weekend should look like.

February - Atlanta. GA. 

May - Charlotte, NC.

June - Indianapolis, IN.

September - Louisville, KY.

November - Chicago, IL. 

more cities to be announced, in future... 







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Full Terror Assault

Full Terror Assault is the first “TRUE” European style Open Air Festival for extreme music fans right here in the USA. This is NOT a pay to play event and is independently run by a small team of passionate folks, including a promoter who has been involved in the “underground” and extreme music for over 20 years.

We know many fans have never had the chance to attend an event like this and we want to change that.
Here is what you will find within: An amazing scenic wooded camping area right on festival grounds with over 100 acres containing lakes and a beach. Three(3) days of all things metal on 2 stages, with bands representing all genres of metal and anything with attitude.

If that isn’t enough, FTA will have campsite contests, costume contests, metal market with vendors, food vendors, after parties with bands, and a DJ to keep the party going all night.  This event is designed to bring bands, vendors, and fans together for a celebration of extreme music without breaking your wallet.  MAXIMUM BRUTALITY@MAXIMUM FRUGALITY!   



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From Dusk Till Con Radio

From Dusk Till Con Radio is a weekly podcast regarding horror movie conventions, horror films and television, and the horror community.

Brought to you by East Coast Horror Group!



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East Coast Horror Group - Dead On Movie Reviews

East Coast Horror Group is a place to talk about anything and everything Horror. Stop in and post any horror news, horror convention news. All convention news is welcome.

Dead On Movie Reviews is a biweekly live horror movie review podcast.

Owners & Hosts: Michael Exler and Drew Seidler 




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Midnight's Children

Founder/Photographer/Filmmaker   -   Emily Harris 

Technically I have been shooting bands since I was 18, but not really professionally until I did a thesis on metal for grad school starting in 2012. During grad school, I discovered how much passion I have for capturing not only bands but the metal community as a whole and have spent all of my time and money traveling the globe documenting metal through photography and by making films.  After shooting for several online metal blogs I decided it was time for me to start one of my own.  My goal for this site is for it to be informative but fun, and to celebrate all things dark:  music, photography, art, literature,etc.  With my global connections to fans everywhere, I hope to bring some different perspectives and insights into what is happening in the global dark arts community through this site. After all, music and art are what connect us.  




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Captain and Maybelle

The amazing Chris and Elaina Steele: 

This dynamic duo has appeared at Ripley's Believe It or Not!, on "America's Got Talent" Season 6, Six Flags Over Georgia's Annual Fright Fest, "Atlanta & Co.", "The Soup", Coney Island's Sideshows by the Seashore, Days of the Dead Convention and more!

Featured in July 2017's Ripley's Believe it or Not 


The Captain has had a love for sideshow and circus entertainment since his youth. After graduating high school, he set out from his hometown of Douglasville, Georgia and explored the country. He eventually got into the body modification industry but never forgot his love of sideshow. After opening and running two successful piercing studios in South Carolina, he met and fell in love with Maybelle and moved back to his hometown to start his family.

Working at a tattoo studio paid the bills, but the Captain wanted more. Thus began his pursuit of fulfilling his childhood dream of being a "working act" circus performer. While most wives would balk at the thought, Maybelle not only gave her blessing but also jumped in feet first alongside the Captain and became part of his act.

The Captain and Maybelle currently reside in Georgia with their two daughters, Payton and Ava, and their basset hound, Hoss. The Captain works full time as shop manager at a Psycho Tattoo Studio and has been a body piercer since 1994. Maybelle is a full-time homemaker, PTA Co-President and wife extraordinaire!



Assist World Record Holder:
Weighted Sword Swallowing (84 lbs)

and Many more achievements 


If you haven't seen them yet, you are missing out!





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Dan Harding Art

Artist: Dan Harding

(Creator of the NEI amazing logo painting. Thank you Dan) 

Dan was born and raised in central New Jersey where he grew up with a passion for anything to do with horror. Early on reading old horror zines , comics and books as well as an unhealthy amount of watching television. This sparked his interest in art, wanting to create his own monsters. He spent his teenage years doing art for friends and bands until he moved to PA for quite a few years where art had taken a back seat to life. In the late 90’s he began to feel the urge to get back into art so he started to pick up oil painting.

Never having any formal training it was a long process but he loved every minute of it. He eventually began to get jobs doing CCG art and magazine and book covers here in the US as well as Europe and Canada. He eventually moved back to NJ where he still resides continuing to paint and work in fine art restoration.

However, Dan has never been content with his work..

 " I feel like I was always so suppressed by creating what publishers and game companies wanted to see that I began to get stale with art. I never really painted something I thought was cool. The past couple of years I have begun to paint what is inside me and I am excited about where my work is heading!"

Please check out his amazing art!  

DAN_HARDING1 (Instagram)




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Pezzombie FX

Chris Pezzano, started from an early age, his love of horror. He is a self taught, amazing FX make up artist.

Has worked on many horror films, on TV (Make up, Acting and/or Production) and is the drummer for the Black Metal Band - Wormreich. 

Official CPFX - Horror FX, Days of the Dead Convention, Chambers of Horror Haunt, Works on Films/TV and Drummer for Wormreich.

Extreme FX Makeup(Specializing in Horror).. Handmade Leather Works, Gauntlets, Bone Weapons, Bone Jewelry, Horror Dolls/Figures, Horror Busts, Distressed Zombie Clothing.


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Days of the Dead - Tattoo Expo and That Damn Tattoo Contest

Hosted by: Scott Medjesky and Harry Bean. 

Days of the Dead Horror Convention was born 5 years ago as a grass roots show. We now host events in Indianapolis, Atlanta, Chicago, and Burbank. Our shows bring in 6-8 thousand guests. Besides bringing in dozens of celebrity guests, we offer many events for our patrons including a costume contest, make up challenge, film panels, a 48 hour film fest, after hours parties, and one of our most popular events, That Damn Tattoo Contest. On average, our contest gets 100+ entries.
With so many of our patrons also into the tattoo scene, we are taking the next step and expanding the show to include a tattoo expo. We have obtained the sponsorship of some great companies including Kingpin Tattoo Supply. Teaming up with Ink Therapy Tattoo, we will be hosting our inaugural Expo on the weekend of April 1st-3rd in Burbank, CA. 10'x10' booths will run $450. To be considered for a booth please contact us at daysofthedeadtattooexpo@gmail.com. 
Also, please check out our website www.daysofthedead.net.

The party that is The Days Of The Dead Horror Convention is growing...welcome in the Days Of The Dead Tattoo Expo hosted by Ink Therapy Tattoo and AVFX.




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Original, Hand made, One of a kind...teddy bears. Perfect for any occasion.

We are the first in horror plush!!  Haunting childhood dreams since 2009!


Can find ScareBears at many horror conventions. Also can order on line. 

Want a one of a kind, custom order. He can make it happen!  

Jay Langley -

Head Designer/CEO

Freelance Artist



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Pyramid Gallery

Opened in 2001, Featuring the intricately designed music box replicas of French architect, artisan and designer Philip LeMarchand.

The boxes, known in some circles as LeMarchand Boxes, were each one of a kind creations which were also puzzles, with the answer to one's ultimate hearts desire as their solution.

Posthumously credited as possibly one of the most prolific, if undiscovered, mass murderers in the history of the modern world, Philip LeMarchand first became known for his creation of bizarre, intricately designed music boxes which quickly became the rage of Europe.



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Arcane Concepts

Josh Spradlin - Owner/Artist of Arcane Concepts.

Creates custom masks, props, and makeup effects. 

Josh has been into art for as long as he can remember.

He's been a horror and special effects fan forever, as well and always wanted to create the things he saw in those movies.

He took a half mask class, at a local art association in 2016 and was instantly hooked. Also a haunted house actor and scene designer. Some of the things he designs are for display or collecting.

Others he designs, are for haunt actors in mind. His main goal is to build relationships with haunts and collectors and to make as much cool and disturbing shit as he can! Custom commissions are always welcome!! Keep it creepy my friends!






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