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~ Toni A. Wolf ~

ᛏᛟᚾᛁ ᚹᛟᛚᚠ 

~Toni Wolf Photography~ 

Photos, Media, Promotion, NEI,

Site Director, Editor, Owner


~ Jeri Mize ~

~Jeri Mize Photography~

Photos, Promotion, Jewelry Maker


~ Jason and Crystal Trail ~

 2005-2018 Founders/Past Owner of NEI

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Nocturnal Euphony was established in 2005, by J. and C. Trail as a metal blog. Reviews and Interviews of national, overseas, underground, bands & albums. 

In 2009, T. Wolf -"Toni Wolf Photography" was added as a photographer, someone who grew up around the music & film industries.. adding concert photos to the site as well as, more content. 

In 2010 NE's blog was reset and made into a photography and promotion site..called 

"Nocturnal Euphony International" 

An online fan site for Metal, Punk, Artists, Tattooists and Horror. 

"Global, National and Local"

Updated in 2017, 2021 and 2023 

"Photography and Promotion"

Specializing in All Metal: Gothic, Black, Death, Symphonic, Thrash, Celtic, Norse(Viking), Folk, Underground.

Also: Punk, Alternative and Rock Music.

Tattooists, Art Community, Dark Artists.

Horror, Scifi and Tattoo Conventions.

A special thank you, artist,

Dan Harding 

for the Original amazing logo artwork!






We work with a number of PR, Record Labels, Promoters, Artists, Bands and Venues.


We are extremely thankful for everyone's support, over the years.  With that being said....

Welcome to Toni Wolf Photography / NEI

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